Developmental Resources has designed a number of small residential projects, single family houses, custom kitchens, house additions and multifamily buildings in historical districts. Most, if not all, of our residential projects have required the design review and approval from Boston’s Landmark Commission, Beacon Hill Civic Association, Newton Historical Commission, Upper Falls Historical Commission. Brookline Historical Commission and the Amesbury Historical Commission. Our new residential projects, additions and renovations are designed to retain the historical character of the original buildings or neighborhoods in which they are located. We have a small but selective group of general contractors who specialize in high-end or historical residential construction.




A List of Small Residential Projects:


225-231 Fuller Street, Brookline, MA Four Unit Condominium (new)

381 Main Street, Amesbury, MA Custom Single Family (new)

14 Bradford Street, South End, Boston Two Unit Condominium (historic)

44 Pettee Street, Newton Upper Falls Historic Single Family (new)

107 Chestnut Street, Beacon Hill, Boston Five Unit Condominium (historic)

954 Chestnut Street, Newton Upper Falls Custom Single Family (new)

55 Lantern Lane, Needham, MA Custom Kitchen Renovation (new)

12 Penobscott Road, Natick, MA Aviary Addition (new)

Addition to Manor House in Dedham Kitchen, Carriage House (historic)

Monsignor Lyons II, South Boston, MA Eight Units, Affordable Housing (new)
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