The interior of the original Exeter Theater Building was demolished and three new floors were added within the volume of the old theater. These new floors were used for new retail space and offices for Conran's Department Stores. The original exterior stain glass windows were restored during the renovation and exposed to daylight for the first time since 1922. New exterior windows with true divided muntins were installed to replace the original double hung windows, which were beyond repair.

Design review approvals were required from the Back Bay Historical Commission as part of the building renovation. The original copper cupola had been removed but original drawings of the building allowed for a replica to be made and installed with a helicopter.

The original unfinished attic space was converted into new office space for an advertising agency. The existing wood trusses were left exposed and partial height wood and stain glass partitions were installed to create a unique open office environment for the creative minds of the artists.



Developmental Resources was commissioned by Mr. Jon Davis to complete an architectural and structural analysis of development alternatives of Exeter Street Theater. The original building was built as a spiritual temple in the 1880's and converted into a movie theater in 1922. Friday's renovated the basement and added a green house addition along Exeter Street in 1976. The existing movie theater was not viable and the full development potential of this location on Exeter Street required the construction of additional floors within the volume of the existing theater space.

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