Edgewater Hills is an apartment complex with over 1500 units in Framingham, MA. The basic apartments are small one and two bedroom with concrete plank and exposed masonry walls. The Edgewater Hills health club, pool and function space was intended to provide additional amenities for the residents. The developer, Mr. Richard Cohen, wanted to market the new recreational facilities as part of a marketing plan to stabilize the vacancy rates within the apartment complex.

The original c. 1720 house was field measured and demolished with only the masonry chimney and foundation remaining. The original house was reconstructed to historic preservation standards and contains a new health club and function rooms. The new health club is located on the lower level with locker rooms and a nautilus center. The health club is connected to the function rooms on the upper floors with a new grand stairway. The new function rooms include an aerobic dance room with pairs of French doors, which open onto the landscaped lawn overlooking the adjoining golf course. TGIF parties in the aerobic room are a big success.The existing beehive fireplaces and new mantle pieces became important design elements within the new function rooms. The French doors on the rear of the building open onto the outdoor deck, which overlooks the large pool. The two-story high living rooms provide sufficient space for private parties and special occasions. The furniture is contemporary but comfortable. The interior design concept uses pastel colors, overstuffed furniture, and wood millwork details to provide a residential atmosphere.

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